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Raymond McCullough's new album, 'Different', out NOW!! Download tracks/album from iTunes Music Store ($3.96)
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so happy to have found your podcast
really love it, please keep up the great work!

great site ... love your Irish and Bluegrass music especially
also your chats on the Irish language, it has inspired me
(England, UK)

Love your show. It’s what I listen to on Saturdays
Thanks for doing such a splendid job!
(Colorado, USA)

excellent, informative ... GREAT MUSIC!!!!! *****
This podcast is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
(iTunes, USA)

it will raise your spirits and bring a smile to your face *****
a wonderful thing they’ve got going here. Keep it up!!!!
(iTunes, USA)

love listening ... and learning about the Irish language
great music ... Thanks for making my drive enjoyable!! Keep it up
(California, USA)

Enjoying the show, cheering me up ... brilliant
(Northern Ireland, UK)

avid ... listener of your great podcasts ... love the sound
Keep up the good music
(Ontario, Canada)

enjoying the music greatly
the music speaks to me
(Oklahoma, USA)

I’m a big fan of the show
being Irish, I have to listen
(Missouri, USA)

Thanks for good music that I like

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Thanks for playing all the great music.
glad to hear you playing our Celtic bands from California
Dude you surf!
(California, USA)

listening ... from Japan!
I’m loving it! This is for me.
Thank you for this wonderful inspiring podcast.

I can’t seem to get enough. Your podcast hits the spot.
Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!!!
(iTunes, USA)

Wow! I LOVE this podcast. Keep it up Raymond!!!!!!
(Montana, USA)

I like the podcast.
It’s good to hear down to earth music.
(Texas, USA)

Loving your podcast
(Haifa, Israel)

Love the show.
Gets me thru a long and dreary daily commute.
(Michigan, USA)

I’ll be back ...
a good and informative program.
(Indiana, USA)

Powerfully brilliant! ...
Great music, great craic ...
a perfect Ulster blas from Belfast!
(iTunes, USA)

just wanted to let you know what a great job you're doing ...
The blend of music is outstanding!
(iTunes, USA)

Love the podcast.
It ticks all the boxes of my musical tastes.
Also love the addition of historical and regional facts.
(iTunes, USA)

I love this stuff.
What a great mix.
(iTunes, USA)

I love your show!
(Texas, USA)

great podcast that I look forward to listening to.
Very nice mix of music and locations!
(Brittany, France/iTunes, USA)

I loved your commentary and explanations of
N. Ireland’s unmistakable wit and sense of humor
(Los Angeles, USA)

from Wexford, but living in the UK,
so love to hear some fine Irish music to take me back home

really loving the songs ...
the podcast keeps getting better and better!
(North Carolina, USA)

Listening for the first time
Beautiful sounds, there.......
(California, USA)

I really appreciate the different genres, styles and artists
recommended several friends to your podcast. Great job!
Keep on doin' what yer doin'!
(via FaceBook group)

just finished listening to the show ...
great podcast.
(California, USA)

added it to my playlists
for all the Celtic music podcasts I listen to
(Florida, USA)

AWESOME!!!! *****
gets better and better ...
a great station
(iTunes, USA)

I miss hearing all the stories
and explanation of the Irish language
AND the music
(Texas, USA)

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Great station

Thanks for the great show!!
(California, USA)

a morning tradition ...
keep playing that beautiful music!
(California, USA)

absolutely delightful
very informative, funny and entertaining
I cant stop listening. :)
(iTunes, USA)

can't believe I've stumbled on to such great music
will tune in regularly.

tunes I enjoyed and admired tremendously
What a joy to listen to your station
(California, USA)

You’ve got a great station
and we would love to feature it!
(Live365 Listening Team)

Glad I found you!
I like the music that u play :-)
(Michigan, USA)

listening for 2 days straight ...
great selection of Irish and Celtic music ...
we’ll keep listening!
(Minnesota, USA)

awesome music, very good choices

wonderful music ...
keep up the excellent work
(Iowa, USA)

turned off Radio Ulster and tuned in
(Northern Ireland, UK)

Wonderful stuff ...
clean, pure and every note a treat
(iTunes, USA)

awesome podcast ...
host is funny and interesting
(iTunes, USA)

Wonderful!! ...
I love what you're doing.

(Dublin, Ireland)

heard your show for the first time.
It's great

(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Keep playing the great Celtic influenced music ...
We love your little stories, too!

(Hawaii, USA)

your excellent podcast
(New Brunswick, Canada)

Nice to meet another folk podcast show
(Portugal )

I esp. liked your hosting of it

I’ll be tuning in on a regular basis
(Devonport, New Zealand)

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